Daikin BRC7E83 Individual Wireless Remote Controller

Item#: BRC7E83

Brand: Daikin

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Product Details
Product Overview

Daikin BRC7E83, Individual Wireless Remote Controller

Individual Wireless Remote Controller available for use with VRV-S Models. Daikin BRC7C812 remote controller is a simplified wireless version of standard remote controller BRC1D71
. A detailed user guide and Daikin Controllers Comparasion is available as well as a submittal data sheet with all the details of this new controller.

Daikin BRC7E83 Simplified Wireless Controller Features :
  • 1 group/maximum of 16 units controllable.
  • Simple, compact and easy-to-operate unit.
  • Fan speed control.
  • Temperature setting.
  • Air flow direction (for indoor unit FXFQ and FXAQ models only)
  • Inspection/test indication.

Daikin BRC7E83 Simplified Controller can be used with following indoor units :
  • Ceiling Suspended Cassette Units : FXHQ09M7VJU, FXHQ12M7VJU, FXHQ18M7VJU.
  • Ceiling Suspended Cassette Units : FHQ Series.

It also can be used to control Daikin outdoor units, including:
  • Daikin RXYMQ36MVJU. VRV-S Air Cooled Six Zone Outdoor Inverter Heat Pump - 36,000 BTU
  • Daikin RXYMQ48MVJUVRV-S Air Cooled Eight Zone Outdoor Inverter Heat Pump - 48,000 BTU
  • Daikin BRC7C812 Warranty :
    • One year parts warranty.